Discovering & Distributing Knowledge Affordably

Jessie Academy seeks to eliminate the financial barrier to quality knowledge acquisition. To this end, it offers quality educational services, products and resources at affordable prices. Services offered include tutoring in STEAM/STEM areas (i.e. Maths, Physics & IT/Computing) and authoring of teaching and training materials. STEAM means “Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths”.

Our Vision

To Become a global distributor of premium quality services and resources for the knowledge needed to support 21st Century industries affordably.

Our Core Values/Beliefs

* There is no dull student, people just learn the same thing differently and from different angles.
*Everything we do is founded on ethics, incl. student- tutor relationship and a tutors’ relationship with their work.
*Everyone deserves respect and acceptance, regardless.
*Equal, non-discriminatory and non-favouritism service to all students and their carers.
*Truthful and honest dealings with all our stakeholders.

*Everyone can learn everything in the appropriate environment.
*Quality life is about good relationships and partnerships. We seek to help students, but not just money.

Our Aim and Motivation

Our history is rooted in the experience of the director, whose high-school teacher was so much interested in his students’ professional success that he used to offer private maths tuition free of charge. As a university lecturer, the co-founder also realised that an average student struggled with some fundamental maths taught at the high school. So, our aim and desire has been to mentor students to understand and apply mathematical concepts in their early lives, and before they leave the secondary school.

Our Role

Our role is to motivate every student who accesses our tutoring service to become a fan of mathematics, and to understand that mathematics competence is a life-long skill, regardless of the chosen professional career.

Some of the reasons why JA’s tutoring is best for your child

1. We coach students to exceed their potential.
2. We use highly-qualified teachers, some have PhD.
3. We empower students with the passion to learn Maths.
4. We teach students Maths for life, passing an exam
    becomes a bonus. Why? Maths is life.
5. Lesson plan is designed to suit each student because
    every student is different and learns differently.
6. We offer top-quality tuition at affordable fees.
7. Your child’s confidence in Maths improves instantly.
8. Your child’s successful future is our priority.
9. We bring learning to your home for your comfort.