One-on-One (Face-to-Face Home Tuition)

One-on-One (Face-to-Face Home Tuition)

Do you want to get a solid understanding of mathematics? Do you want to get better grades in Math exams? Then welcome to our Math Fundamentals course.


What you’ll learn

  • Numbers and negative numbers, including number sets and identity numbers
  • Factors and multiples, including prime numbers, least common multiple and divisibility
  • Decimals, including repeating decimals and rounding
  • Fractions, including mixed numbers and ratio and proportion
  • Exponents, including negative and fractional bases
  • Radicals, including rationalizing the denominator
  • Scientific notation, including multiplication and division, and estimating

What Will I Learn?

  • The course will help you to develop your skills, confidence and knowledge of this sector, helping to add real value to your CV and personal development.
  • 20 Students
  • 5 Enrolled
  • 1h Duration
  • 0 Lectures
  • Mathematics
  • All Levels


  • All you need is a basic understanding of mathematics and a paper notebook to help you practice.

Target Audience

  • Current middle school/junior high students, or students about to start middle school who are looking to get ahead
  • Homeschool parents looking for extra support with the fundamentals
  • Anyone who wants to study math for fun after being away from school for a while