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Advance your grades to pursue your passion and live your dreams. Learn in the best and safest environment with experienced tutors regardless of your location. You are taught by humans, not robots, and experienced professionals, but not students. Money should not be the hinderance to your access to quality education, the reason for our competitive fees. In a competitive world everyone is expected to be an expert in whatever s/he studies. We support students to achieve just that.

Every student can learn anything effectively in the right environment. We provide such an environment.

STEM subjects: Mathematics, Science (Physics), Engineering & Technology

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Jessie Academy understood that everyone learns differently and has the right to access the best training and tutoring (T&T). It has thus developed a methodology to help students of all ages to catch up and keep up in the core areas of Mathematics, programming and technology. Each Lesson / Session lasts one (1) full hour. All that you need to access our tuition are computer and Internet access. The fees for our services are discounted because Jessie Academy pays part of its bills through the generous given of its donors. You can encourage yourself and others to donate to the course so quality training and education becomes accessible to everyone everywhere. Although you can access the courses free of charge, you must register for planning and logistic purposes.

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